From Angelina Ballerina Partner Studio Owners

In this, my first year of running the Angelina Ballerina Academy programme my dance school has experienced an enormous growth in our 3-5 year old classes. We have currently 92 students enrolled in 7 Angelina Ballerina classes divided into 2 age groups.

Last year we had about 50 in the same age bracket. This has meant a significant increase in the income for my school, and these classes are where it all starts! All our pre-school classes run as Angelina Ballerina classes, we have not had the need to provide anything else, and we do have a few boys in the classes too. The program materials are excellent and content of the classes is also great. I am finding it to be a great introduction to classical ballet and am sure that as the children move into the RAD grades they will have a great foundation.have noted that students are coming from a larger area across town as well.

We have just had our weekend with the Angelina Ballerina Costume, which was a great success. We had special classes on Saturday for our currently enrolled students, they did class with Angelina, watched her dance and had a photo opportunity. On Sunday, we held an Angelina Ballerina Fair as a fundraiser. Short Angelina classes were offered with the same opportunities as Saturday and we had Angelina Craft, all offered for free. We then had a cake stall, face painting, ballet hair stall, book stall, sausage sizzle etc and we raised close to $3000 to go towards our end of year show.

I had done quite a lot of research into pre-school programmes and am delighted with what being an Angelina Ballerina Partner Studio has brought to my own school.

Lisa Clark
Lisa Clark Dance Centre

We started offering Angelina Ballerina Academy classes for 3 year olds this year (2013) and now have 119 Level 1 Angelina students enrolled in 13 classes. It has been very successful for us as a pre-ballet programme (before RAD Pre-Primary).

The teachers love it because when they mention Angelina or show a picture of her the children are very responsive to doing it just like Angelina. Also, the curriculum is designed so that the parents do not need to be in the studio. The children and mums love the special Angelina tutus and ears!

We are looking forward to extending into Level 2 next year and also trying the week-long school holiday workshop that is included.

Suzanne Hazlewood
Wellington Dance & Performing Arts Academy

We were anxious to increase enrollment of young students to help us build a strong foundation for our dance program. The Angelina Ballerina program has helped us do that this year.

By October 11th we had 38 students enrolled in the program. On October 12th the Fox News affiliate in our town did a story on the Angelina Program at our studio and on October 23rd, we had 45 students. The local NBC News station also ran a story about us on November 29th, when we had 52 students. As of December 15th we have 62 students. The recognition of the Angelina character in the news stories, as well as referrals from current students, continue to grow our program.

Our teachers feel that the program is age appropriate & like that students come ready to dance because they already know Angelina. Parents appreciate that ballet is introduced in a positive environment, along with reading & nutrition. As studio owners, we are confident that these classes provide tools so students can learn to live a healthy lifestyle that of course includes dance!

Vince & Eileen Spezialy
Anchorage Music & Dance Center

Last year, before the Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy program we had 192 3-5 year old students.This year with the Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy program we have increased to 296 3-5 year old students and we are still adding new Angelina Classes. That represents a 54% increase in students. We charge more for the Angelina classes than our regular classes so it is a 62% increase in revenue. Overall this program has directly added $65,060.00 in additional revenue to our studio this year.

Our studio also benefitted from free local publicity from 2 local papers that ran stories about the uniqueness of the Angelina program at our studio.

We made half of our 3-5 year old classes Angelina classes and left the other half as our “unbranded” regular classes. The majority of parents chose the Angelina classes even though they are priced higher than our regular classes.

Our teachers love Beverly Spell’s detailed syllabus, the parents like the emphasis on reading and child development and of course the kids love the Angelina Ballerina character.

This program has been a great strategy for us in multiple ways and we are excited to see even more positive effects on our studio in the future.

Sam & Val Beckford
Guildford School of Music & Dance